Still A Phelps Fan <33 (l0lalovesy0u) wrote in celebrityhorse,
Still A Phelps Fan <33

What is your opinion on this? Personally, I hate the idea. Arabs simply do not have the power that is behind a sporthorse. Perhaps the idea of a "bulkier" monster arabs that has proven himself as a jumper or the like to add a little refinement and good looks to warmbloods, but not these delicate suckers. Even the idea of arab crosses [as in 1/4 arab or less] is a much better idea to me. Introducting straight arab blood to a warmblood breeding pool will only weaken the future generations until the arab is bred so far out that the horses remain with just a little bit of the refinement and elegance of a arab. The AWS is a work in progress, I rather like the idea of making a warmblood without the big boxy head but I am a little annoyed with Rhineland-Pfazl Saar for approving this stallion. What's your opinion?

This stallion, Legion VF, is approved for breeding by both the American Warmblood Society and Rhineland-Pfalz Saar.

The owners say nothing about him proving himself as a sporthorse. But if I do remember correctly AWS will only approve horses who have proven themselves in dressage, combined driving, eventing or show jumping.
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