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Search for 'America’s Next Dressage Star' to Become a Television Reality Show

When six time Olympian Robert Dover announced at the United States Dressage Federation 2004 Annual Meeting last December his plan to develop a search for promising young American talent, he had in mind a plan which would create an opportunity for eager young riders to compete for an opportunity to work and train with him. Little did he know that in less than one year, a contract would be in place with an established television production company to create a series for television networks, with filming to begin in October 2005.

Brave St. Productions an independent company founded in 2002 by seasoned television executives/producers Russell Best and Tammy Leech, caught wind of Dover’s idea, and thought it would be a perfect fit for their company experienced in reality and documentary projects for television.

"We are very excited about the prospect of producing a show that merges the human drama of reality programming and the incredibly popular and diverse world of horses and dressage." said Russell Best. "Robert is an Olympic Champion with a list of accolades a mile long. It's an honor to be working with an expert and professional of his caliber."


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This could potentially be a really great thing for the sport. Dressage in particular gets little publicity, attention, or support from the general public or from the government.

I'm not saying there isn't a possibility of this show whoring the sport of dressage - but the idea in and of itself isn't a bad one.
I agree with companymanners. I think that as much as people knock them, they really do get into reality shows and into the subject of said shows. Yes, for a sport as classy as dressage, when I first heard this, I thought it wa a little shallow, and it might ruin the sport's name in some people's minds, but on the other hand, it might open a lot of other people's. I'm gonna give it a shot, besides, we need more opportunities to watch horses on tv, right?